Cost Estimating

After the preliminary plans and scope of work are completed, a cost estimate is prepared. SLI maintains a proprietary computerized data base for estimating. The data base is comprised of cost assemblies based on actual cost data and is continually updated to reflect cost trends for specific items. SLI guarantees that the cost estimate will be within 10% of the final lump sum cost subject to client driven scope of work changes.

Prior to preparing the cost estimate, we will review with you the construction assemblies upon which the estimate is based. For example, the type of building structure, roof, exterior building finishes, doors, interior finishes, built-in cabinetry, electrical and plumbing fixtures, HVAC system, furnishings, sound and lighting systems, paving and site lighting that will be used. Our estimators will takeoff the various dimensions for these components from the preliminary plans and prepare a detailed estimate.

The resulting estimate will be complete and include all items necessary to complete the project, whether or not the items are being provided by SLI. The project and costs are defined prior to incurring the expense of detailed plans. This eliminates any surprises down the road.

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