Construction, Contracting and Management

Our commercial Design Build firm provides full-service construction, contracting and management services that assume responsibility, with no excuses, for delivering a cost effective, quality project, on time and within budget.

Your Single-Source for Commercial Design Build
Too many times we have watched the traditional design/bid/build method fail through lack of single-source responsibility. The architect and general contractor are natural adversaries who traditionally say “it’s not my fault” while pointing the finger at someone else -- and the typical result is that you pay again and again.

Commercial Design Build services from a single source removes the adversarial conflicts, builds the team and guarantees that you will receive the most cost effective end result. We design and build to meet your budget.

Our construction team is led by one of our project managers, an experienced commercial Design Build staff member who oversees all facets of your project. The project is supported by one of our construction managers, a full-time, on-site superintendent, a project architect, an intern architect, project designer, construction purchaser, and a FF&E purchaser. The project team first establishes a critical path schedule that ensures timely project completion. SLI’s experience in facility construction provides our team with the knowledge and methods that make it possible to adhere to your schedule from start to finish.

Most any construction company can build. It’s as much the experience as it is the final product, which is where SLI differs from the rest. We utilize outside resources whenever and wherever possible to make our products better. From third party mandatory safety inspections on our projects to third party reviews of our exterior building envelope, SLI uses the WHOLE team.

Ensuring Quality Control
SLI’s commercial Design Build experience, as well as an in-depth understanding of the total project requirements, enables us to offer a unique quality control program. The program is designed to minimize construction time and cost overruns while maintaining a quality project.

Acting as commercial architect, specifier, scheduling coordinator, estimator, purchasing agent and job site supervisor, our staff of professionals work with subcontractors, equipment suppliers, manufacturers and installers to develop comprehensive development and construction schedules. In addition, SLI provides supervision at the construction site to enable immediate resolution of job site problems. SLI’s system of quality control assures “on-time” and “in-budget” projects. Typical quality assurance methods include:

  • Project development scheduling from project inception to closeout
  • Drawing scrub meetings
  • Budget reviews
  • Coordination between all contractors, vendors and you
  • Preparation of status reports for you
  • Job site review of construction status
  • Jobsite safety meetings
  • Scheduling and coordination of equipment and signage installations
  • Coordination of furnishings and accessories installations
  • Purchasing material direct from the factory to control schedule and budget

SLI’s project close out, commissioning and punchlist start on the first day of the project. We take pride in providing you with accurate and useful as-built drawings at the end of the project. We test and walk you through every section of the project including controls, fire alarm, lighting, HVAC servicing and operation, break room and kitchen appliances and signage. We equip you with a warranty book listing all subcontractors and vendors with samples and warranties for all parts of the project from roofing to carpet.

Our Commitment to Safety
In addition to designing and building excellent facilities, the SLI Group, Inc. takes pride in our safety performance. All of our construction managers and superintendents receive yearly OSHA and First Aid training. Our superintendents perform daily safety checklists and hold weekly on site safety meetings with subcontractors Our construction managers perform a monthly jobsite safety checklist. Every SLI project receives a visit from our third party safety inspector at various stages of the work to ensure and protect our excellent safety record and good standing with OSHA. Our safety inspector is a recognized OSHA trainer and together with our construction managers and superintendents we can anticipate, recognize, control and prevent accidents.

A True Commercial Design Build Firm
There are many commercial Design Build companies in the market today who primarily consist of a commercial architecture firm and a separate general contractor who “partner” together for a particular project. SLI Group, Inc. is a fully integrated commercial Design Build company and has been designing and building projects since 1976!

As a fully integrated commercial Design Build company, our team can communicate better, design more efficiently and build projects faster. We have LEED-accredited professionals on staff ensuring efficient designs along with superintendents and project managers in the field with the experience necessary to complete projects on time and in budget.

Get in Touch

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