Architecture & Interior Design

During this phase, design development is completed and construction documents are prepared. Upon completion of this phase, a fixed cost is delivered to the owner.

  • Architect
  • Interior Designer
  • Construction Manager
  • FF&E Purchasing Agent
  • Construction Procurement Agent
  • Superintendent
  • Independent Engineers
The project team develops the plans by designing to the budget established with the preliminary cost estimate. As construction documents are prepared, the team ensures all code requirements and local ordinances are incorporated into the drawings.

Construction assemblies are designed based on current cost trends and in-field applications.

SLI’s in-house resource library provides access to state-of-the-art and generic specifications and assemblies.

  • We take a minimum of three bids in each major category of the work
  • We ask  for you to provide any related trades or suppliers that you would like to have bid on the project
  • We purchase materials direct from the factory guaranteeing the best price while minimizing the risk of underlying subcontractor and supplier liens
  • We provide complete bid-to-budget analysis including all FF&E project costs
  • We maintain vendor and subcontractor insurance logs
  • At the conclusion of the Part 1 services, you will have a complete bid with no risk of contractor driven change orders