The Difference Between Traditional Build vs. Design Build

Currently in the United States, there are two main approaches of construction – the traditional build approach and the design build approach. Here at SLI Group, Inc., we pride ourselves on being a fully integrated design-build firm.

Below you will see the five main ways that the two approaches are different:

  1. TEAMWORK – In design build the Architect, Interior Designer, Project Manager, General Contractor, and Client are all on the same team. There are no longer the adversarial relationships found in traditional construction.
  2. SINGLE SOURCE RESPONSIBILITY – The design build firm is responsible for the entire process including what it will look like, how much it will cost and the timeline of completion. We do everything possible to do it right the first time because we understand that we are responsible for the project long after it is occupied.
  3. COST – Cost control is the key to any successful project. At SLI Group, Inc. cost control starts at project inception and carries all the way through project completion. Since SLI deals with a guaranteed maximum price we do everything in our power to make sure the project comes in at or below budget. With SLI you do not have to worry about the change orders found with typical Architects and General Contractors.
  4. PROFICIENCY – SLI Group, Inc. is comprised of expert Architects, Interior Designers, Project Managers and General Contractors who work together as a team daily. We work together seamlessly. Our architects think like builders and our builders think like architects. This makes for very efficient and cost-effective design and construction.
  5. TIME – Since SLI Group, Inc. is a true design build firm. We understand that we are responsible for the entire project schedule from initial design through project completion. We understand that the clock starts ticking at the project’s inception. Using development schedules, we map out the entire project timeline from the initial concept drawings through client move-in.


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