Simple Solutions to Completely Transform Your Building While Remaining Cost Effective

Are you looking to give your building a facelift but don’t want to deal with the cost and headaches of a full-scale exterior renovation? It’s hard to believe but your building can be completely transformed using just paint and some simple details. SLI Group’s team of Architects and Construction Professionals designed and completed this transformational project on a very tight budget and timeline.

Construction time and costs were dramatically reduced by leaving the exterior of this occupied building intact. The existing buff colored brick and grey mortar joints were stained solid with the new red brick color. The mortar joints were then hand painted producing a natural look. Even under close examination, there is no evidence that the brick and mortar color are not original. The brick staining process provides for a permanent maintenance free finish. With the addition of stucco and EIFS details this building has taken on a brand new life.